Our Approach

The GDS Team follows the Scrum project management work-frame to ensure projects are completed accurately and in the shortest amount of time possibleCoupled with clarity on project goals, customer engagement and consistent communication, the GDS Team will leverage our proven project management practices to ensure your successful results. 

What is Scrum?

Scrum project management, is an Agile methodology which applies an incremental approach to work in order to complete projects more quickly. Scrum methodology is great for tackling software development needs when getting more work done faster important. 

Scrum Methodology


Due to the incremental nature of Agile methods, teams are able to adjust their processes as often as necessary unlike the Waterfall method which uses a set, inflexible process.  When using Agile methods teams are encouraged to improve upon and adjust their workflows according to their needs.


Scrum utilizes two-week sprints to get work done. Each sprint is planned in advance.  Once the sprint has been executed there is a review process at the end of the two-week period that helps guide the next sprint planning session.  During sprint planning sessions, the GDS team creates a sprint backlog of tasks that will be completed.  The GDS team completes these backlog tasks during the sprint, managing the work among themselves.

Each day the team attends a 15-minute Scrum meeting to review the sprint progress.

During the meeting, team members:

  • Discuss any potential barriers which might interfere with the success of the project
  • Review the previous day’s work
  • Plan for the upcoming day’s tasks
  • Collaborate and stay in sync

Scrum Methodology

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